Sunday, January 26, 2014

Project summary


To show that e-portfolios utilized as evidence for project-based learning are more beneficial than written portfolios.


  • Observe a class in one year attempting a project-based-learning task and then survey that class on how beneficial the learning was utilizing written and printed 'folder portfolios'.
  • Observe a class the next year doing the same project-based-learning task and survey that class on how beneficial the learning was utilizing online e-portfolios.
  • Compare the two survey results and draw conclusions from them.
  • Draw my own conclusions based on the quality of portfolios and learning achieved from one year to the next.  
  • Write a report on my findings.


My project will be achieved when I have completed the report showing method, findings, and drawn conclusions, linking those conclusions to pedagogical learning theories and styles.


Peer assessment? Presentation of findings.

Benefit to CPIT:

With tertiary education heading towards e-learning in a big way, my findings could go a long way towards establishing good academic processes for student assessment and also be a guide for tutorial staff to utilize when designing and implementing e-learning assessment projects.

Reflection for me:

In my report I will reflect on my findings and comment on my conclusions drawn.